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Funding for North Atlantic collaboration projects

Apply for funding for your North Atlantic partnership project. The application deadline is 8 March.

You can find the new digital application form here.

Nordic Atlantic Cooperation (NORA) provides funding to projects that include participants from at least two of the following four regions: Greenland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Coastal Norway (the Atlantic counties from Rogaland to Troms and Finnmark). Involving more than two regions can help to strengthen projects in situations in which funding is awarded on a competitive basis. The next application deadline is Monday, 8 March 2021.

The project will help to further the vision of the Nordic Council of Ministers of making the Nordic region the world’s most integrated, green and socially sustainable region by 2030. This vision is based on the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

NORA’s project funding targets early-stage commercially oriented projects. Strictly cultural and research projects are not covered by this scheme.

NORA welcomes applications for projects that focus on one or more of the following six priority topic areas:

  • Bioeconomy: NORA prioritises projects focusing on renewable land-based and marine resources. Innovative value chains, new source materials and products, locally produced food, North Atlantic gastronomy based on renewable maritime and land resources and efficient resource utilisation will be prioritised.
  • Sustainable tourism: Sustainable tourism can lead to tourism activity and a tourism industry that builds on and builds up local firms and increases their turnover. It also promotes development of the multi-stakeholder solutions that are associated with sustainable tourism. NORA prioritises projects that focus on tomorrow’s tourism industry.
  • Circular economy: The circular economy utilises natural resources and products efficiently and for as long as possible in a cycle that retains as many resources as possible. NORA prioritises circular-economy projects that involve partnerships amongst municipalities in different countries.
  • Transport: Collaboration on better and greener transport solutions that more closely connect the countries of the NORA area, both in general and at the regional level. In light of the fact that the region is connected by a large maritime area, NORA will prioritise projects that seek to promote a transition to greener and more renewable sources of energy for maritime transport.
  • Energy: Focus on developing rural, renewable and electrified solutions that ensure a stable and favourable energy supply for the people of the North Atlantic. NORA will give special priority to projects that include site-specific energy solutions that are not dependent on a connection to a larger power grid.
  • Local communities: The most important factor for thriving where you live is access to quality services and activities in your community. This helps to prevent out-migration and increases in-migration. NORA encourages collaboration projects that increase the participation of young people in local democracy.


There will be a webinar with NORA's secretariat in Scandinavian on 26 January and in English on 28 January. In the webinar you can find out more about what a NORA project is and how you can apply. Read more about the webinars here.

Assessment criteria

The NORA Committee makes the final decision on who receives support based on the recommendations of the secretariat. The assessment is based on the following criteria:

  • Relevance to the six priority topic areas
  • Feasibility of the project
  • Innovation and innovative contributions to the region
  • The make-up of the partner group as a whole, as well as the expected contribution of individual partners
  • A realistic and transparent budget
  • Whether the results will be useable in other situations

Formal requirements for NORA-financed projects

  • At least two partners, from at least two of NORA’s member regions
  • At least 50% self-financed
  • NORA funding cannot exceed DKK 500,000 per year, and DKK 1,500,000 over three years
  • NORA reserves the right to present the main findings of the project on its platforms

If the project does not meet these four basic requirements, the application may be administratively rejected by the secretariat before consideration by the Committee.

Applications are to be completed and sent on-line. The application form will be published no later than 15 February.


NORA reviews applications for project funding twice a year. The application deadlines are always the first Monday in March and the first Monday in October. Applications submitted in March are decided on by the Committee in June. Applications submitted in October are decided on in November / December. Applicants are informed as soon as possible after a decision is made. Projects can therefore not commence until 1 July and 1 January, respectively.

For more information

On NORA’s website, you can find a complete guide to funding for NORA-financed projects that explains how to apply, responsibilities during the project period and requirements for final reporting.

Our website also contains descriptions of the projects that have received funding from NORA.


If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact NORA’s main secretariat in the Faroe Islands or a local contact person.

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