Project funding

Guide to project support

NORA grants support to collaboration projects that include partners from at least two of the four NORA countries (Greenland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands and coastal Norway). What the projects have in common is their relevance to the organisation’s objective: to create a strong and dynamic North Atlantic region characterised by strong and sustainable economies. It is possible for everyone to apply – companies, public institutions, individuals and the like.

NORA can support both one year projects and up to three years projects with a maximum of DKK 500,000 per year, which corresponds to DKK 1.5M in total for the entire period. Project applications should address one or more of NORA’s identified areas of priority as defined in the Strategy Programme 2021-2024. More information about these priorities is available in the section titled “We are considering applying” and further expanded on in the strategy paper itself.

Furthermore, NORA also focuses on developing cooperation with neighbouring countries to the West. NORA therefore values projects that include partners from Canada and Scotland.

In general, NORA does not grant support to projects that can be characterised as research or cultural project only.

This project application guide offers advice and guidance about the application process and attempts to answer questions this regard.

In “We are considering applying” and “We are writing an application” you will find answers to some of the questions that can arise whilst considering to apply or whilst writing an application.

In “Our application has been successful” and “We are carrying out our project” you will find information on terms for reporting and payments of the grant if your project receives support. In “We are completing the project” you will find information about requirements for the report and accounts when completing a project.

Next application deadline is 4 October 2021.