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Blue Fashion Value Chain Seminar

Can we create value in the marine sector whilst addressing the fashion industry’s need for more sustainable materials? Can the interweaving of marine and fashion industry value chains represent a win-win situation of both improved sustainability and value creation? The Blue Fashion Value Chain Seminar aims to address these questions.

In 2017, NORA organised the Blue Fashion Challenge in the Faroe Islands and the Large Ocean Nations Forum on Blue Growth in Malta, both projects being part of the Faroese-led Nordic Council of Ministers presidency programme entitled “Growth in the Blue Bioeconomy”. The former was a project-runway inspired competition where Nordic designers designed outfits with marine materials such as fish leather, sealskin and seaweed jersey fabrics. The latter brought together Large Ocean Nations from across the globe to discuss Blue Growth and was organised in close cooperation with FAO and Commonwealth.

The Blue Fashion Value Chain Seminar is a follow-up event that emphasises the sustainable growth perspective of Blue Fashion. It focuses on two distinct blue fashion value chains, fish leather and seaweed textiles, framing them within a broader context of themes such as global blue growth, sustainability and environmental concerns in the fashion industry, consumer patterns, trend forecasting and economic impact. There will be both thematic presenters and presentations from several parts of the value chain, ranging from individuals having a strong interest in blue fashion, producers of raw materials and producers of fabrics leading to major fashion brands.

Sustainable fashion can generate sustainable income and create job opportunities in the value chains. Moreover, Blue Fashion could be seen as an opportunity for income diversification, which could be linked directly to an already tourism driven economy in most island countries.

The Blue Fashion Value Chain Seminar aims to exchange knowledge and expertise about fashion sustainability and blue growth with participants from non-Nordic Large Ocean Nations as well, merging the concepts of Blue Fashion and Large Ocean Nations into one event.

Partners: The Government of the Faroe Islands, the Nordic Council of Ministers, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Closed Loop and NORA.

When: 7 May 2018, 09:00-15:00.

Where: The Nordic House in the Faroe Islands, Tórshavn.

Participation is free of charge. Please register by sending name and affiliation to conference@nora.fo.

The Blue Fashion Value Chain Seminar takes place back-to-back with the Arctic Circle Forum hosted by the Government of the Faroe Islands on 8-9 May.You can read the programme for the forum and register at: http://www.arcticcircle.org/forums/faroeislands

There will also be an optional excursion to seaweed cultivation and production facilities for seminar participants.

Conference rapporteur: Camille Duran, Host & Producer of the Green Exchange

Preliminary programme

Introductory session

09:00: Welcome, Høgni Hoydal, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture of the Faroe Islands

09:10: Blue Growth on the global agenda, Audun Lem, Deputy Director Fisheries and Aquaculture Division, FAO

09:30: A new textiles economy: redesigning fashion's future, Ellen MacArthur Foundation (TBC) 

09:45: Sustainability, the environment and the fashion industry, Suzi Christoffersen, Closed Loop

10:00: Trend forecasts and sustainability, Dio Kurazawa, The Bear Scouts/WGSN

10:15: Developing the Blue Fashion Challenge, Jákup Sørensen, NORA


10:30: Coffee break


Raw materials

11:00: The fishing industry and fish skins, Stefan í Skorini, President of the Faroese Ship-owners Association

11:15: The potential for seaweed cultivation, Olavur Gregersen, Managing Director of Ocean Rainforest


Material makers

11:30: Fish leather production, Gunnstein Bjorsson, CEO of Atlantic Leather

11.45: The power of seaweed in a fiber, Sarah King, Director Business Development, smartfiber AG


12:00: Lunch


Sustainable fashion around the world

13:30: The Nordic approach, Gisle Mariani Mardal, President of the Nordic Fashion Association

13:45: Responsible Fashion Movement, Ajai V. Singh, President and Founder at the Colombo Fashion Week


Fashion brands

14:00: MØRCK

14:15: Stella McCartney (TBC)


14:30: Wrap-up and end of seminar.

Blue Fashion Value Chain Seminar
Føroyar størstu framgongdina í Norðurlendsku økisstøðulýsingini 2018
Udstillingen HAV i Nikolaj Kunsthal 27. – 30. januar 2018
Ansøgningsfrist 05. marts 2018
Formandsskifte i NORA
Styrk sikkerhets- og beredskaps-samarbeidet i Nord-Atlanteren
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