Nora Reports

NORA Reports is a publication series in english about selected issues of interest for the countries in the NORA Region: the Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland and coastal Norway. NORA REPORTS is published by NORA - Nordic Atlantic Cooperation.

NORA Report 2013/2

The North Atlantic in the Media - Media in the North Atlantic

Abstract: On November 6, 2013 NORA hosted the annual NORA REGION CONFERENCE. The conference's subject was the challenges faced by news media in the NORA region. In the conference report you can, among other things, read about how the world's attention is increasingly turned towards the North Atlantic and the Arctic, and how journalism in small communities are challenged by digital media, low editorial thresholds and lack of critical insight. The report also includes passages from the four video columns shown at the conference - columns with a critical eye on each country's situation.

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NORA Report 2013/1

Nordic Welfare: The North Atlantic Way: Conference Report

Abstract: The conference held on 7th and 8th November 2012 in Reykjavík examined the challenges currently faced by the welfare states in the NORA Region, including the challenges of public service delivery in remote and sparsely populated areas. The presentations comprised analytical overviews, concrete examples of challenges as well as opportunities of political reforms and technological solutions. The conference report is a summary of the presentations, panel debates and includes some of the participant responses to polls held with the use of an interactive voting system at the conference.

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NORA Report 2012/1

Stimulating the growth of electric mobility in the North Atlantic region

Abstract: The aim of the report is to give an insigth into the current status of electro-mobility in the North Atlantic region, and to review technical prospects and suggest potential actions to stimulate the use of electricity as transport energy. It is evident that it will only be possible to increase electric mobility when both public and private partners participate, implementing a commonlong term policy that supports gradualdevelopment, which eventually will be sustainable.Despite the arctic circumstances, Greenland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands are in a unique position when it comes toexpansion of the use of electric vehicles, as the local transportation network is relatively small and clean local energy sources are available.

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NORA Report 2011/2

A Conference about the OECD Territorial Review of the NORA Region: Conference Report

Abstract: On April 5th 2011, the OECD Territorial Review of the NORA Region was published at the NORA REGION CONFERENCE 2011. At the conference, the OECD team behind the review presented their main findings and recommendations for the NORA Region, two Canadians gave a neighbour’s perspective about development in the North Atlantic, and three panels, with participants from the four NORA countries, discussed the issues of remoteness and connectivity, innovation and diversification, and the possibility of creating a macro-regional strategy for the NORA region. The conference report is a summary of the presentations, panel discussions and debates at the conference.

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NORA Report 2011/1

Joint fleet - The way towards more effective fisheries in the North Atlantic?

Abstract: The report examines whether a different organization of the pelagic fishery (fishing for mackerel, herring, capelin and blue whiting) in Norway, Iceland and the Faroe Islands would make the industry more effective. The report analyses the fish stocks and the pelagic fishery regulations, both internationally and nationally, of the last years. Subsequently, a case study of the fishing fleets in the three countries is conducted. The results show that it would be profitable to have a joint fleet in the region, but that the advantage is not as great as expected.

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