Calling all aspiring young chefs under 30 in Iceland, Faroe Islands, Greenland, and Coastal Norway (Coastal Norway are the counties in Norway that have border to the North Atlantic Ocean, from Rogaland in the south all the way up north to Finnmark).

Are you ready to showcase your culinary skills on an Arctic stage?

We are thrilled to extend an open invitation to all aspiring young chefs and food enthusiasts to participate in the NORA Arctic Young Chefs Competition!


The Arctic Young Chefs Tournament aims to foster collaboration, celebrate culinary diversity, and promote the use of underutilized ingredients from the North Atlantic region. First, we will host a series of semi-final national tournaments in Iceland, Faroes, Greenland, and Norway. Winners will be selected in each country, and they will then compete against each other in a grand finale! With this competition, we seek to identify the best young chefs and elevate traditional local ingredients to gourmet levels.


Semi-final competition dates:

  • Iceland (16 March 2024)
  • Faroes (17 August 2024)
  • Greenland (May, specific dates to be determined)
  • Norway (12 September 2024)


6 - 8 young chefs or food enthusiasts per country under the age of 30, competing at a national level.


You will have 3 hours to prepare a starter and a main dish.


  • Winners of national semi-finals receive DKK 10.000
  • All the national semi-finalists will also receive funding to travel to a work visit in another NORA country
  • Each winner of the national semi-final will move forward for the final competition in Norway
  • The winner of the final competition will get DKK 25.000
  • The winner will get an invitation to visit the Michelin Restaurant KOKS for a week,
    NORA will cover transport. The other finalists will also be given opportunity to visit a
    restaurant in another NORA country. NORA will cover transport expences
  • Travel and accommodation for the national semi-final competition and also the final competition will be covered by NORA.


  • Focus is on the utilization of ingredients that are not often used - Utilize underutilized resources such as kidneys and other viscera or less commonly used fish, etc
  • Focus is on traditional culinary skills merged with innovation and creativity
  • The dishes should take sustainability and food waste into consideration
  • The dishes should be available in a ‘simpler’ version that could be used in i.e. schools or cantinas
  • In each country the ingredients will be local and to some extent based on the tradition
  • In each competition the arrangers will provide the contestants with a mystery box, a week before the competition some ingredients will be published so contestant can prepare
  • Each contestant will make 5 ‘copies’ of each dish, the 3 judges will get one each, one is for ‘show’ and one for photo
  • 3 judges will decide who is the winner. 2 local judges and one guest from another NORA country


The climax of the tournament will coincide with Bodø 2024 European Capital of Culture and the ArktiskMat Feeding Europe project. Date and location will be decided soon.



  • What are your thought on north Atlantic cooperation and how do you see that you
    contribute to the cooperation amongst chefs in the region?
  • Which 3 underutilized ingredients would you like to use? Underutilized is in the meaning that they are not so much used, but are also more or less easy to get hold on, they might even have been used in the ‘old days’
  • What is your best local or/and traditional dish?

Please submit your written application in English to the contact person for your country (see below).

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of a culinary journey like no other! Whether you’re a budding chef, an apprentice or a passionate food enthusiast, the NORA  Arctic Young Chefs Competition welcomes you to showcase your talent, creativity, and love for Arctic cuisine.

Let’s ignite the Arctic culinary scene together!

Each partner country is responsible for organizing their national semi-final competition.

Read more on the homepage: www.ayc.fo
and follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/arctic_young_chef/ 

For more information, please reach out to the following project coordinators in your country:

Jason Ball - Jasbal1@vgs.nfk.no

Ægir Friðriksson - aegir.fridriksson@mk.is 

Andras Sigmarsson Jacobsen - andrasj@tsk.fo 

Jákup Sørensen  - jakup@nora.fo