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UNESCO-sites in a regionally sustainable development perspective

The purpose of the conference is to give UNESCO managers an insight into best practices, which can provide inspiration and good ideas about how the management of UNESCO sites can contribute to sustainable development in the surrounding local communities: Financial contribution to the local economy, capacity building, innovative businesses, services etc. We will address administrators in a broad sense, including site managers, professional networks, local and national managers and other stakeholders who have an impact or influence on how the site and the surrounding community coexist in the most appropriate and beneficial way.

Time and place

14-15 March 2023 in Sisimiut, Greenland.


The conference is free of charge, including meals on 14-15 March. The Arctic Experience Excursion is optional and is charged spearately.  

Participants include stakeholders connected to UNESCO sites, world heritage, geoparks, etc. Managers, authorities, politicians, decision-makers, tourism, business etc.


  • OBS: Limited number of participants! The size of the conference is estimated at 60-65 participants.
  • NORA has an agreement with Air Greenland for transport to Sisimiut, and we have pre-booked hotels. The month of March is high season in Sisimiut, which is why it is necessary to make a quick decision about participation.
  • Registration, including flight booking and hotel, is done by contacting NORA: fia@nora.fo or call +298 214898.
  • Lunch and dinner 14-15 March are included in the conference.
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