Workshops - Seasonality

Sarah Woodall

Innovation South Greenland

Locally-anchored season expansion in South Greenland

South Greenland has a vision to offer the most diverse range of experiences in the country, spanning at least three out of four seasons. The regional DMO Innovation South Greenland went all in and led a recognossiance project earlier this year to jump start the product portfolio for winter experiences. The entire program was rooted in the activities that local operators themselves want to promote, and this is the essence of what will make season expansion successful in the long run. 

From the northern forests and farmlands to the extreme peaks of the southern fjords, four locally-owned and operated adventure companies - plus one expert partner from another region - cooperated to showcase what they can put together for winter travellers.

Sveinn Birkir Bjørnsson

Visit Iceland

In the last decade, Iceland has taken specific actions to counteract seasonality in tourism. Sveinn Birkir Björnsson will talk about how seasonality has changed in that time and what has been done to encourage that change.