On the afternoon of 20 October, the second conference day, you will have an opportunity to learn more about the Faroe Islands as a destination. We have teamed up with some of our local partners to offer everything from a classic sightseeing tour in Tórshavn to heimablíndi in the small village of Æðuvík as well as the opportunity to get out and do some work. We will make two mini ‘closed for maintenance’ projects, so those who are interested can get a better understanding of the initiative but also contribute themselves. Some of the activities will have a limit on the number of participants, it will be based on a ‘first come, first served’ principle.

For registration, please contact info@visitfaroeislands.com

Closed for maintenance: Tórshavn – Kirkjubøur

The old village path between Tórshavn, the capital and Kirkjubøur, our most important cultural heritage site, is a popular hiking route and was part of the Closed for Maintenance projects in both 2019 and the Faroese version earlier this year. The old cairns were maintained, some new cairns were built, the path was mended and drained and wayfinding posts were set up. However, there is still some work that needs to be done on the route, so we will spend an afternoon mainly mending the paths and maybe setting up some more wayfinding posts. There will be some walking and some hard work, but the only criterion for this trip is a willingness to assist.

Remember to bring waterproof clothes, a warm sweater and hiking boots, if you sing up for this tour. Just like with the all other closed for maintenance volunteers, you will get a beanie by local designer Jóhanna á Steinum.

Dept: 12.45 shuttle from Hotel Føroyar to either Velbastaður or Kirkjubøur. Expected back at the hotel around 17.00

Link to the hiking route

We will need 13 people for this project.

Closed for maintenance: Old postal route between Bøur and Gásadalur

Gásadalur, a small village on the island of Vágoy, was the last village in the Faroe Islands to get road connection. In 2004 a tunnel opened to the village of Bøur. Before that, this path was the only connection to the village. In the old days, the village-people used to spend a day or two every year maintaining the path, primarily by clearing small rocks, etc. from the path. Since the tunnel was built, the regular maintenance work stopped. During Closed for Maintenance in 2019 this yearly maintenance job of clearing and mending the walking path was resumed. The route is a popular hiking route and you will mainly be replacing old wayfinding posts with new ones and setting up signs. It is quite a steep hike and you will be carrying wayfinding posts, so this trip is for the experienced hiker.

Remember to bring waterproof clothes, a warm sweater and hiking boots, if you sing up for this tour. Just like with the all other closed for maintenance volunteers, you will get a beanie by local designer Jóhanna á Steinum.
The day will end at Gásadalsgarðurin, which was nominated for Embla, the Nordic Food Award in 2019 for their concept to utilize bull calves from dairy farms, these calves are traditionally considered a waste product, which is disposed of at birth.

The calves adopted by Gásadalsgarðurin are raised free range in summertime, slaughtered in the local slaughterhouse, and fermented in the local drying shed. This method is not traditionally used on beef, and the resulting unique product (even in the Faroe Islands) is then used in a fermented beef soup. The soup, which has been highly praised by food-critics, is served for visitors in the aforementioned slaughterhouse, which has a beautiful view of the jagged islet of Tindhólmur.
Dept: 12.45 shuttle from Hotel Føroyar to Bøur. Expected time back at the hotel around 18.00

Link to the hiking route

We will need 20 people for this project.

Heimablídni in Æðuvík

The Faroese phrase “heimablídni” translates directly as “home hospitality”, and all across the islands locals and travelers can enjoy authentic and intimate dining experiences in people’s homes. In addition to being served traditional homemade Faroese food, the guests will also hear interesting stories that relate to that particular part of the country or village.

For this particular Heimablídni experience, we have teamed up with Harriet and John frorm the small village of Æðuvík.

Harriet and John live on the farm in Æðuvík with daughter Maja Lý, their foster daughter, dogs, cat, horses, chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits and all of the sheep. To them Hanusarstova isn’t just the place they work, it is also their home. This is the place where their dreams came true, the place they’ve worked hard to create, the place stories are told, meals are shared, good conversations take place and the place closest to their heart.

Harriet is a 5th generation sheep farmer in the village, taking over the farm after her father. While sheep farming isn’t a career in itself, Harriet has managed to turn it into so much more than that. As a photographer Harriet’s art work is mostly based on the animals on the farm, especially the sheep, which decorate many homes by now including Hanusarstova. To Harriet animal welfare is key, she talks to them with her gentle voice and makes sure of their well being every day.

John is the handyman, salesperson, fixer, bookkeeper and storyteller. He is very passionate about everything he does, especially building and his braised lamb that he cooks for 10 hours+, and believe me when I say it is probably the best lamb you’ll ever have. He will go above and beyond to please everyone and especially when it comes to Harriet’s (his wife's) crazy ideas he is eventually always keen for any project - be it an instagram friendly chicken-coop , horses, baby lambs, herb garden, event or anything else. Together they have worked hard for Hanusarstova and are now ready to share it with guests. Visitors are invited you to join them at the farm, dine with them, meet the animals, enjoy the hospitality and soon stay with them in their brand new B&B. They will tell stories, answer your questions, show you our world, let you smell some fermented meat and taste The Faroe Islands - to them that is what Heimablídni is all about.

Dept: 12.45 shuttle from Hotel Føroyar to Æðuvík on Eysturoy. We will take the scenic route to Æðuvík and the new Eysturoy tunnel, with its famous jellyfish roundabout, back to Tórshavn. Expected time back at the hotel: around 18.00.

Number of guests: 24 persons

Art walk in Tórshavn

Would you like to see a great selection of Faroese masterpieces? Join us for an afternoon of Faroese art!

We will start with a guided tour at the National Gallery of the Faroe Islands. The tour will provide you with a fascinating insight into the Faroese art scene – from colourful villages to a life-sized whale made of 32,000 plastic soldiers. The guided tour lasts for about 45 min. followed by a coffee break in the foyer.

Afterwards we will take a short walk through the park and stop by sculptures on the way up to Williamshús. Williamshús was the private residence of the famous writer and artist William Heinesen. The artist Zacharias Heinesen, William’s son, will give a tour of the house and the many interesting artworks and unique interior of the house.


Dept: 12.45 shuttle from Hotel Føroyar to the art museum. Expected time back at the hotel: around 15.30.