From Localhood to Local Good?

While “going local” has been trending for years, the term got new meaning throughout the pandemic, as most of us were confined to our local turfs. As we start to travel again, how has the pandemic experience impacted our desire for immersive local travel? And as local communities have been home alone, how do we feel about once again sharing our everyday as an experience for visitors to consume? Many destinations have reconnected with their local communities in the absence of tourism, and “community first” approaches to tourism development seem more widespread than ever, but who decides what local and community means, and how tourism should serve them for the better?

Signe Jungersted of Group NAO is joining us to share how she sees the landscape of localism developing in relation to tourism and destination management & marketing, also in reflection of what has happened since she was part naming the trend as chief architect of the localhood strategy in Copenhagen.

Signe Jungersted

Signe Jungersted is CEO and partner in innovation and strategy agency Group NAO. NAO works with strategic transformation and innovation within the experience and visitor economy. Recent projects include 101sustainableideas.com with Gothenburg, Power of Community series with European Cities Marketing and ‘Tourism Taxes by Design’ as a multi-client project.

Signe is formerly Development Director with Wonderful Copenhagen (DMO), where she was lead responsible and author of the 2020-strategy that declared ”The End of Tourism” and welcomed a new era of people-centric tourism development and localhood. Signe was also responsible for major innovation and transformation projects, incl. 10XCopenhagen.

Signe holds a master’s degree in Political science, studied Mandarin in Shanghai and has since pursued management education at MIT Boston, Hyper Island Stockholm and is currently completing an MBA in Creative Leadership in Berlin. Signe is on the Board of Museums of Odense City (hometown of Hans Christian Andersen) and in 2017, she was selected as among Denmark’s Top 100 Young Business Talents by Danish media company, Berlingske Media.