Welcome to the Faroe Islands!

In a time when the tourism industry is bleeding and the only hope seems to be growth and volumes, how can we keep a focus on regenerative tourism post-corona and reconstruct tourism to leave a more positive impact on local communities? 

Regenerative tourism - Building a healthy tourism in the Nordics will address the challenges facing the tourism industry in the Nordic region – today and post-pandemic. Emphasis will be on how to build back better while aiming for a higher degree of local economic revenue, and environmental and social sustainability.

These topics will be discussed in keynotes by prominent voices in tourism and through workshops with specific, hands-on examples from tourism providers in the Nordics. Anna Pollock, Signe Jungersted and Zita Cobb will give valuable insights and the workshops will focus on three themes: Best Practice, Local Involvement and Seasonality.

A region that is good for its citizens, is a good region to visit. Therefore the core of tourism development should evolve around creating nourishing local communities.    

The conference will take place in Tórshavn in the Faroe Islands from 19 to 20 October 2021.


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