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Faroe Islands, Iceland, Greenland, Norway

UNESCO trail

The purpose is to do a feasibility study on how to strengthen the cooperation between UNESCO sites in
the North Atlantic region through the development of a North Atlantic UNESCO trail.

When established, the trail will contribute to:

  • A stronger understanding of the importance of UNESCO in the region
  • An ongoing focus and improvements regarding the quality of the UNESCO programs
  • An increase in the focus on UNESCO sites as hubs for place-based sustainable development
  • Address common challenge

The focus for the project is to contribute to the continued focus and development of sustainable local
communities that in turn contributes to the strategic goal of NORA regarding the general development of
the region and cooperation with Scotland and Canada.


  • Norway: Nordhordland Biosphere

Andre partnere:

  • Iceland: Thingvellir national park UNESCO world heritage site and Snæfellsnes
  • Scotland: Orkney Islands Council
  • Faroe: Faroe Islands National Museum
  • Greenland: UNESCO World Heritage Ilulissat Icefjord
  • Canada: Manicouagan-Uapishka World Biosphere Reserve (MUWBR)


Foto: www.thingvellir.is

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