Project funding

We are about to finish our project

The Final Report

When completing a project, a final report must be submitted ( the final report) and a revised financial statement. NORA retains the final payment of the granted support, typically approx. 20-30 percent, until approved accounts and final report are approved. The final report must provide a comprehensive picture of the project’s activities and the results achieved. The description must relate to the objectives set in the original project plan. That is, it should also be stated in the final report if a part of the project's objective has not been reached.

The project is also expected to describe what relevant dissemination and information activities have taken place during the project period.

The final report must be ready to be posted on NORA's website available to be used by any potentially interested parties. That is, the report must not contain confidential information - and that it should appear well articulated. The language must be Scandinavian (typically Danish or Norwegian) or English. It should be stated clearly from the report that the project has received support from NORA. The logo can be downloaded here.


When completing the project, NORA must receive the revised accounts. As a rule, all accounts must be audited by an accountant, however in smaller projects it may be accepted – according to an in advance made agreement with NORA - that the accounts are endorsed by an accounting officer in the project manager's organisation.

The support from NORA must be visible in the accounts, as well as it must be stated that NORA's support has been used in accordance with the approved budget. The accounts should at the same time provide a true picture of the financing of the entire project, thus not only illustrating the part financed by NORA. This means that the accounts must also include funds from other support organisations and funds, cash own-financing and co-financing in the form of own work.