Project funding

We received a rejection

Project applications to NORA are considered in accordance to the guidelines for project support. This means that applicants that meet the formal requirements about information, documentation and the like in addition to defined objectives that are described in the strategy programme.

NORA’s board considers project applications formally. This is how the board decides regarding granting project support or not. The board can in certain circumstances make requirements for granting an application such as requiring more project partners. The decision is based on considerations held in plenum of each project application and hereafter the decision is taken in consensus.

When the board rejects an application, it expresses the boards whole consideration of the project in relation to for example:

  • Relevance to NORA’s priorities
  • Possibility for success
  • Previous or similar projects
  • Combination of partners
  • Unrealistic budget

Furthermore, a project can consist of a several relevant aspects but in relation to other current projects seem weaker based on an overall consideration. In such cases priority will be given to the projects that is considered to be stronger.

The board formulates the reasons for the unsuccessful response to the applicant.

Administrative rejection

When an application does not meet the basic or formal requirements the application will be rejected based on administrative grounds. It could for example be because there are not a minimum of partners from two NORA countries in the project, or that the project falls outside of NORA’s subjects of priority.

When the secretariat rejects an application on administrative grounds the board does not consider the application.

Reaction after the rejection

As the board’s decision is final it is important for applicants to consider how the rejection should be considered further. A possibility can be that the project is carried out without NORA resources. Alternatively, the applicant can for example with inspiration from the reasons given make some revisions of the project with the aim of applying again for the cut-off date. NORA’s main secretariat or one of the regional secretariats in Greenland, Iceland or Norway will assist with help and advice.