Project funding

Our Application has been Successful

When NORA has granted support the project manager will receive a formal letter confirming the granted support. The project manager should be aware that you should follow up on requirements or appeals that can be attached to the granted support as soon as possible. Furthermore, the project manager should ensure that a management contract between the project manager and NORA is concluded as soon as possible. In the respect of the project’s start-up the project manager must also complete an electronic status report that wil be used for the ongoing reporting of the project.

Grant Confirmation Letter

NORA sends a formal letter confirming the granted support with the amount granted disclosed. In many cases there will be a requirement or an appeal attached to the granted support. Should it be a requirement than the project cannot start-up until it is met. This could, for example, be a requirement to involve one of more new project partners in order to strengthen the project. Should it be an appeal you can begin the project when the main partner has explained in writing what has been done in order to fulfill the appeal. Once the project partners have followed up on any requirements or appeals, a management contract can be concluded.

Management Contract

The field of data about the project is completed before the document is printed in duplicate, signed and sent to NORA’s main secretariat. The management contract must be signed by the project manager and the person responsible for managing the finance accounts (if this is different from the project manager) on behalf of the main partners. NORA will thereafter sign the contract and return one copy to the main partner. Only when the management contract has entered into force can the project be started. This contract is also a prerequisite for NORA’s first pay-out of the project funds.

Status Report

This form is an important tool in the ongoing reporting of the project’s progress. In the beginning of the project, the relevant fields about main partners, other project partners, expected results and effects, and the like are completed. During the “project’s progression” three milestones are set, reflecting the most important activities in the project. For each of the three milestones indicate the expected time of implementation. The milestones must take the form of tangible, measurable results. Under “Economy”, the main partners in the first status report should state the status of co-financing, which appeared as unverified in the application. It should also be stated when the partners plan to submit requisitions for payment of project funds. Other fields in the status report will only be relevant later on in the project process when an updated version is to be submitted. The status report will therefore be updated continuously during the project’s implementation, for example in connection with requisition of project fund.


Once the management contract has entered into force and the first status report submitted, the project manager can submit a requisition for the payment of the first instalment in connection with the project's start- up. The size of the first payment must reflect the activities in the project description, but will typically amount to approx. half of the grant. NORA recommends that a maximum of two requisitions to be submitted a year. At the end of the project, NORA typically retains approx. 20-30 percent of the granted support until approved accounts and final report are submitted. When submitting a requisition, an updated status report must always be enclosed.