Project funding

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When you have red the previous section about ”Guide to Project Support” you will be aware that NORA supports diverse projects. What the projects have in common is their relevance to the organisation’s main objective: to create a strong and dynamic North Atlantic region that is characterised by strong and sustainable economies. Everyone can apply for support – companies, public institutions, industry organisations, individuals and the like.


Project applications should address one or more of NORA’s identified areas of priority:

  • Bioeconomy
  • Sustainable tourism
  • Circular economy
  • Transport
  • Energy
  • Local communities

Further information about identified areas of priority is available in the Strategy Programme 2021-24.

You can apply for support to actual projects but also for support with preparations for a project’s groundwork and ideas or to increase the number of partners included.

Furthermore, NORA’s yearly Action Plan contains current themes that can be relevant for potential applicants. The annual Action Plan is based on the Strategy Programme with focus on current year’s specific priorities.

Be noticed that the project must relate to one or several of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

For further inspiration please follow the link here to see a variety of examples of current NORA projects.

In general NORA does not grant support to projects that can be characterised as research or cultural project only.

Partners and participating countries

Partners in NORA projects can be companies, public institutions, individuals and the like and mainly situated in the NORA region.

It is a requirement for support form NORA’s project fund that the collaboration projects consist of partners from at least two of the four NORA countries: Greenland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands and coastal Norway.

NORA also welcomes project proposals involving Scottish partners. However, these cannot be financed by NORA funding. NORA is happy to provide contact information to relevant Scottish governements, which can help out in the funding process. 

NORA happily assists with partner searches. Contact details to NORA’s Main Secretariat and the regional secretariats are here.

Projects can with advantage also include partners from the Nordic’s western neighbouring countries in particular Canada and Scotland. However, partners from these countries cannot receive direct support from NORA but can as partners contribute to the project. The main Secretariat happily assists with finding contacts for Canadian and/or Scottish project support organisations with the view to potentially secure joint financing of collaboration projects across the North Atlantic region. Should a Nordic actor or institution that is situated outside of the NORA region but despite this possess relevance and/or expertise that is considered important for the partnership composition it can be regarded as a partner.

The scope of the project support

NORA’s support consists of up to:

  • 50 percent of the project’s total budget
  • DKK 500,000 a year, to up to three years, up to a total of DKK 1,500,000. To qualify for further support that the project must have nothing outstanding with NORA from previous periods

You are required to apply for support for one year at time even if NORA can support projects for up to three years.


NORA has two annual application rounds. The first will be announces in mid-January with an application deadline around early March. The second application round will be announces in mid-August with an application deadline date in early October. The cut-off dates are always announced on our website as well as on social media and in NORA’s network.

The application form is available here.