Making it possible

Fab Lab Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland

A Fab Lab located in the small fishing community of Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland. Frosti Gíslason, Fab Lab Manager. 

Vestmannaeyjar is a small island group on the south side of Iceland - and home to the first of Iceland's three Fab Lab digital workshops. Manager Frosti Gíslason shows how they have brought digitization and innovation to this fishing community.

Canada's Digital Arctic

Connecting the Canadian Arctic. Adam Fiser, Senior Research Associate, Centre for the North.

How is our neighbor in the west, Canada, handling Arctic ICT infrastructure development? Adam Fiser from the Center for the North shares his insight into the current state of affairs, and sheds light on great challenges that lay ahead in connecting northern Canada, even in the near future.

Leadership in Arctic IT projects

Project management and leadership - how to make Arctic IT projects succeed? Kristian Sørensen, Senior Principal, Devoteam.

What are key factors to successful implementation of IT projects in the Arctic? Kristian Sørensen, Senior Principal with Devoteam, provides insight into why projects fail and how you can ensure that all parties in a project are pulling in the same direction.

Telecommunication in the Arctic

Connecting a small archipelagic country. Páll H. Vesturbú, Managing Director, Networks and Infrastructure, Faroese Telecom. 

How has telecommunication infrastructure been developed on the Faroe Islands? What are the challenges in providing services on a small archipelago far out in the ocean? Faroese Telecom explains development, impact and future.

Delivering Communication Services in Greenland

How are communication services in Greenland delivered? John Siegstad, Product Manager, TELE-POST.

Greenland is the most challenging part of the NORA-region for ICT infrastructure. In this presentation, Tele Greenland tells us how they are currently offering ICT services in the country, and what their future prospects are.

Operating in the Arctic Region

Operating in Greenland? TELE-POST presents successful cases. Dan Jeppson, Account Manager, TELE-POST.

Telecommunication is essential for modern-day businesses, and Greenland is a challenging country for providing these services. What hurdles have businesses, public services and service providers encountered? TELE-POST presents cases and how they were resolved.