It can be done


From personal need to global markets - mini documentary on the fantastic story of Highsoft from Vik, Norway. Torstein Hønsi, Founder, Highsoft.

In the digital age, one man’s technical needs can end with a world-leading company operating from a small town in the fjords of western Norway. Be inspired by this short film about Highsoft from Vik.


Passionate pilot and airport builder - from a village on the Faroes? Mini documentary on Simon Nordendal and Azurafiles. Simon Nordendal, Founder, Azurafiles.

Multinationals are well known, but in the digital world, an individual and a computer can become a micromultinational. From a small village on the Faroe Islands, one man lives out his flying passion – and makes money building airports.

Inequality and Online Trade

Online trade and inequality - advantage for remote locations? Marcelo Olarreaga, Professor of Economics, University of Geneva and CEPR, London.

Income inequality is a worldwide challenge. Distance to markets is a particular challenge for both small companies and the NORA-region. Marcelo Olarreaga, Professor at the University of Geneva and a former World Bank Economist, see them in combination when analyzing the potential impact of online trade and how it potentially could benefit small companies in remote areas.

FabLab Case Study

FabLab Case Study - the interactive bench. Sighvatur Jónsson, Media Producer, SIGVAmedia.

SIGVAmedia is one of the companies that have benefitted from the Vestmanna islands FabLab - here they present one of their innovations, the interactive bench. See the video about FabLab under MAKING IT POSSIBLE.