FABLAB Summer School

The purpose of the Fab-Lab Summer School was to bring Nordic VET students together and give them opportunity to learn about new technology and learn new skills and get Nordic collaboration experience. Making is a powerful way to get people from different countries to work together and collaborate.

The summer of 2017, NORA invited VET students from the whole NORA region, Norway, FaroeIslands, Greenland and Iceland to participate in a Fab-Lab summer school programme in Vestmannaeyjar Iceland.
In the Fab-Lab Summer School, the students learned about digital fabrication techniques. They also learned about 2D and 3D design software, used CNC milling machines, vinyl cutter, laser cutter, 3D printers, and programmed some electronics.

The impact of NORA’s Fab-Lab summer school programmes has been not only been in the field of learning new technical skills but also the social impact, which is also important. The students from the NORA region have met in the Nora Fab-Lab summer school, worked together on some interesting projects and then have kept in touch after the summer school and been in contact afterwards and have kept on learning more about each other’s countries and ways of living and learning.