FABLAB Summer School

Creativity, teaching, technology, entrepreneurship, innovation, learning, play, technics and enterprise are just a few of the ways in which a FABlab may be described. FABlab is short for Fabrication Laboratory, i.e. a production laboratory. The idea has its origin at MIT, the renowned educational institution in Boston. The basic idea is very simple, to popularise technology and innovation. Since the first FABlabs were established about 10 years ago, there are now about 1,000 globally. One of the leading countries is Iceland, where several Fab Labs are housed. The first was established in the islands of Vestmannaeyjar in 2007.

And Vestmannaeyjar are also the centre in NORA’s FABlab summer school. The idea is quite simple: four participants from each of the four participating countries meet at a FABlab for a week to explore the possibilities such a fabrication laboratory has. NORA’s goal in hosting the summer school is to focus on entrepreneurship, enterprise and innovation. Additionally, it is hoped that similar FABlabs will be established in Greenland and the Faroes, where they currently are not found.

The first summer school was held in September 2016, when sixteen lower secondary school pupils from Greenland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Norway met in Vestmannaeyjar. As is evident from the pictures, they had an eventful week, meeting many a challenge with creativity and innovation. Though, the most important gift they brought back home with them were the inter-Nordic friendships they had established.