OECD Territorial Review of the NORA Region

In 2009, NORA launched an ambitious project, when it commissioned the OECD to conduct a thorough analysis of the NORA Region. At the NORA REGION CONFERENCE, 5 April 2011, the results of this endeavour were made public.

The OECD Territorial Review of the NORA Region is the first in-depth political-economic analysis that considers Greenland, the Faroe Islands, Iceland and coastal Norway as a whole. The review identifies and discusses the major economic trends and challenges in the NORA region. Furthermore, the OECD makes recommendations on issues, which the NORA-region should focus on in order to increase economic growth, become stronger and be more competitive.

The OECD review has highlighted the region’s unique advantages, possibilities and competences compared to the rest of the world, including other Nordic countries. NORA’s goal is to use the OECD review to define the NORA countries as a region and to provide a basis for strengthening the cooperation between them further.

The analysis was conducted by a team of OECD experts, who conducted interviews with relevant stakeholders in the region’s four countries, made statistical analyses and examined background reports. Among the OECD suggestions are the following:

  • A macro-regional development strategy should be developed. The strategy should define areas of cooperation and common goals for the countries in the NORA-region. The OECD refers to the EU’s Baltic Sea Strategy as a pioneer model for such a strategy; it proposes that the NORA Cooperation could act as a facilitator in the process of developing a macro-regional strategy for the NORA region.
  • NORA should strengthen its role as a link between peripheral regions of Northern Europe and similar regions in the northern parts of North America.
  • Reinforcing the regional and trans-regional transport networks should be given a higher priority, both by the countries in the NORA region and by NORA as an organization.

The OECD Territorial Review of the NORA Region: Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland and coastal Norway is available as an e-book here.

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